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Accompanied by the ever elevating ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ by the great Wagner (performed by the London Symphony Orchestra), I whip open my laptop as I’m sitting in the train home. Its been an interesting few weeks since I wrote my last blog. The changes I felt coming up have finally manifested themselves into something more solid. Where at the start of the summer-ish I had my first real (sort of high-profile) exhibition, did graffiti projects for local, national and international companies. I am now doing the daily grind as an analyst and process engineer helping BNP Paribas develop new software robots to push their bank into the future. I imagine that to some of you that sounds like a complete 180, but I’ve been a giant technology nerd since childhood. The sole reason I started blogging way back when was to prep myself to become a tech journalist. (Which I was for a short period of time).

When I sit in the office, in between suits and desks, project numbers, targets and planning, the past year of travelling and doing art feels surreal. Just a year ago I was touring Norway and painting over 15 pieces in Bergen alone. Back then, people told me I was living the dream. And I have to admit, I liked people telling me I was living the dream. In hindsight though, I feel like it wasn’t my dream. Not yet at least. All the trips I made, the people I met, the couches (and more recently the waves) I surfed, they did all help me figure a lot of things out, there’s no doubt about that. But I also really like the structure, the responsibility, the innovation and the mental challenge that comes with my new territory. Yes, it’s banking, the white collar of white collars, but it feels extremely exciting nonetheless.

Does this mean I will stop doing art? Most definitely not. As I explained in my previous blog, my manifesto, art to me is still a means to an end. It is a way to travel the road that I feel is before me, as I believe everyone inevitably faces a road ahead of them. It is a way for me to ask questions to myself, to go into an introspective, oftentimes confusing, dialogue with who I am, where I came from and where I might be going. The bottom line is, even in this completely new environment, I feel completely the proverbial captain of my ship, and I think wherever I flow next; that is the definite requirement.

I intend to keep this blog going, to log the changes that I experience. More than ever I feel free to step away from the recognizable labels that I have acquired in the past (designer, sinologist, street artist, ….). Whether that is because of a change of audience, or a change in my own sense of value (I strongly think the latter), I leave in the middle.
Until the next time I feel the urge to share.

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