A tiny manifesto?

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It is when I travel that I find both the time and the inspiration to write and reflect. I am currently absorbing sea and sunshine in the Spanish Costa del Sol (Malaga), trying to let go of the speed which had taken over the past few months of my life. I have recently wrapped up a year of focusing myself on art, to see if being a full-time artist was something I aspired. As I was letting my mind work overtime on finding an answer to that question, on trying to figure out why I made art, my personal life got ripped to teeny tiny shreds. Not only had I lost the drive I had to be an artist (because if I was not after fame or a career, then why?), I had also no real base to come home to. The answer I found to the question ‘what role does art play in my life?’, is something that I feel I have only recently discovered, but have known ever since I started this journey. In short: art to me is a means to an end.

That statement probably goes against a lot of conventional ideas about the subject, but let me elaborate my point of view. In life, we are confronted with numerous things that make us question, that make us wonder, that provoke our thought and imagination. How do we deal with that? Do we simply ignore it, or shove it away? Do we try to find an explanation or a model to subscribe our own ideas to and simply… roll with it? I feel that I will never be able to do that.

More than anything, I love the weird angles, alleyways and associations my mind makes when confronted with the world around me. Like every person, my thoughts, my views, my ideas are unique. This is where I think art comes into play. In order to exist, in order to let my unique thoughts, views, impressions… come to life, in order to actively be in this world, I need to express it in ways that are equally unique. It is this expression, this necessity to be alive that I think is at the core of art. Art is what enables me to exist, it is the act of expressing and becoming more than just a reflection of predetermined ideologies and dogmas. It is what separates me from shadows in the allegorical cave or rather… it is my way out of the cave. Through art, I express. And through expression, I exist.

Malaga, Spain, July 2018.

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