Ain’t Nothin’ But the Blues

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I’m sipping my last latte in the Continental bar in St. Pancras, as I wait to board my train back to Belgium. London and the UK in general has been a wild experience. More than anything it has made me feel alive and free. For about a week I lived from couch, to spare mattress, to guestroom, to … wherever my friends would host me.

I’ve painted pieces next to legendary names, visited iconic places from rock band who will be here in decades, maybe centuries to come, but most of all I have met amazing people. I think that is what makes traveling so special, you never know who you will meet. Yesterday my friend Billy left for Hong Kong, so I spent the whole day painting Leake Street Tunnel. In the evening me and Henry, one of the housemates of Billy’s, went to the legendary blues bar ‘Ain’t Nothing But’, where an amazing variety of musicians jammed until well past midnight.

I will be releasing some of the photos I shot on my old Leica DLUX 3 camera on my Instagram in the weeks to come. The energy in their performances is so palpable, even my very poor attempts at photography managed to capture it on film. Well not film, but that’s how the expression goes right?

In one of the messages I sent back home to my family, I said how this trip had, more than any other trip I’ve made in the past year, made me feel free. I feel like my batteries have not recharged this much in a long time. After I crashed from overworking in August the past year, I have been trying to get into a healthier flow of life, that is as productive and driven as possible. It feels like this trip has kickstarted just that.

Before the train takes off and I will be back, before the trip officially ends, I want to try to summarize the feeling I felt while exploring London’s many roads, lanes and closes, its people, its pubs and its art scene. I’m sure it is more related to the people that have surrounded me and the people that I have waiting for me at home. Or maybe its just a cumulation of feelings brought up by all the Christmas adverts I’ve seen in the past week.

The simple fact remains that I can express my experience of this trip in three simple and honest words: I feel love. A love for the people that I engage with, a love for the life I’m figuring out and a love for the things I have accomplished so far. In this holiday season, let’s all be a bit more appreciative of ourselves and give ourselves as much love as we give others, I’m sure we could all use it.

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