Roasting oranges in the Center of London.

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So it’s 4am here now. I just crashed the floor after a very brilliant home party with old friends from Shanghai.

The guy on the couch next to me screeches like an owl as he tries to fall asleep. Pretty unique right? So I’m staying with my mate Billy, who is a brilliant young musician and has a strange attraction to long song titles. He and his housemates, amongst whom is his girlfriend Rebecca who was in the same group of crazy people I came to love in Shanghai, threw a party crawling with local artists like Tugboat Captain and Courty Who. I have to admit that it took me a while to ease into the various unique characters there, but man was it interesting. It must be great being creative in a city like London.

The party involved wine and prosecco, a single seemingly never ending bottle of ‘fizzsecco’ and somewhere along the night we went out for fish and chips.

One of the aspects of traveling, is being able to meet artists from all over the world and drink with them while, debating brexit, playing Chess, or singing British songs to an accordion. At one point one of them wanted to play a game called ‘sardines’, which is the opposite of hide and seek. 17 people of us hid in the bathroom, it was fun.

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